about expressions

Both of us have a blog, and both blogs aren't updated too often. Usually, things to blog about happen when we're not online, and then we think we'll blog about it later – but usually we don't. So we thought, if we could blog using our cell phones, or our laptops even when there's no Internet connection around, our blog readers would be happier ;-).

So much for the motivation. We then discussed things over lunch and came up with a scenario.

Scenario for the expressions project
Scenario for the expressions project

We will develop two clients, one for cell phones/PDAs and one for desktop/laptop computers. Both clients can post to a blog. Both can save entries so that they can be posted later. The desktop client keeps an offline copy of old blog postings (made through this client or any other way the blogging platform supports). Both clients can synchronise with each other, so that it is possible to write an entry with the desktop client, synchronise it with a cell phone and post the entry from there, and vice versa.

We already have a few ideas for some technical details (shown in blue in the scenario.

Do you have any comments about the scenario? Let us know via the development mailing list or the forum.